Best Day Ever

( s/o to anyone who has ever captured photo/video of  “Saint Kris” )

Every so often it’s nice to look back and remind yourself how far you’ve come.  It’s easy to get caught up in the ”now” and that can often take away from the beauty of the overall journey. Set the goal – Get the goal, and don’t belittle your accomplishments (big or small).

Peace for now


Writer’s Block

Big thanks to my homies [the KIDS] from out west for letting me hop on this record with them.  Writer’s Block is off of their new album, “The Hazing” which is available here.  These dudes just finished a cross Canada tour (with a few stops in the US) opening for the legendary eMC crew and are now back home cooking up more goodies.  Peep their site, music, videos… a crew of talented individuals who love what they do and do what they love.

peace for now



329 Album cover


“Reppin’ your city” is something that is very important to us.  We are proud of where we live and want everyone to know it.  We stand behind our teams, our venues, and our lifestyles.  This is a great thing– to be proud of where you’re from.  It gives a sense of community and belonging.  But I sometimes wonder what happens if you move? Or if that city doesn’t represent you? Or if you aren’t necessarily a clear representation of that city.  It got me thinking…I would proudly rep’ the 204 or the 807. I love them. These cities have given me some of the best moments of my life but I don’t feel I give a fair representation of someone from the 807 or 204.  Thus, I realized the only area code, place, digits, or address that I could confidently represent is 329.  This is the number of the house that I grew up in.  I’ll refer to them as my foundation years.  Nineteen years spent trying, failing, living, loving, and growing underneath the roof of 329. Amazing parents, sister, family and friends have provided me with the moral compass that I have today.  Never perfect, constant failures, but I’m always aiming to correct, in hopes that it will one day pay off.

So, 329 the album is not a chronological story of my upbringing, but more so a peek into what I see, how I see, and why I see it.

Thank you to Mitch Schimnowski, Manny Goossen, Jesse Lofthouse, Nikki Saint, and Jay Mizz for providing your time and talent to this project.

Thank you to Chris Watchorn for all the work on the album packaging, Camren Friesen and Eric Sung for the concept visuals/promotions, and to JP Laurendeau for the amazing work as the executive producer.

 Lastly, thanks to you, the person who took time to visit my site, to listen to my music, and to listen to my words.

Peace for now.



VC has been my favorite basketball player since his days in a Tar Heels Jersey, so to see him hit such a huge shot made me feel like I hit the huge shot myself. The shot looked eerily familiar didn’t it? I know you know….you know. I guess we all get a chance for some type of redemption.